LDPE Post-industrial film with Nylon & EVOH

$200 per unit
Number of units(metric tons)
Zooks Plastic Recovery LLC Contact

Ongoing 50 to 70 MT./month.

ASI 26/77 polyethylene film is
comprised of two web-layers.
The product contact web is made
from ultra low density polyethylene
(ULDPE) and has a thickness of 5
mil. The non-product contact 5-layer,
7 mil web is constructed of nylon with
an ethylene vinyl alcohol barrier layer
and a linear low density polyethylene
(LLDPE) layer.

May contain 10% of other laminated products, some with PET. I am making an ongoing effort to keep the bales free from material containing Vinyl Chloride.

Data Sheet:
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  • Min Quantity: 19
  • Supply: Ongoing
  • Information about delivery: Can arrange FAS NY/NJ ($90/MT) or Baltimore MD ($60/MT)
  • Origin of the product: Post industrial
  • From where waste has been imported: USA
  • Samples available: Yes

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