PP Reprocessed Granules

$830 per unit
Number of units(metric tons)
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PP Reprocessed Granules
▪️Made of Jumbo bags scraps
▪️MFI 6.5
▪️Filler 4-5%
▪️Packing: 25 kg/bag
▪️Double 80 filter
▪️Origin: Sultanate of Oman
We make PP granules 100% from Jumbo bags scraps
Ash content is 4-5%
We used double 80 filters
All of our materials are washed before granulation
Limited stock available

  • Min Quantity: 10
  • Supply: Ongoing
  • Information about delivery: NA
  • Origin of the product: Post industrial
  • From where waste has been imported: Oman
  • Samples available: Yes

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