For a seller

To register as a seller, nothing could be simpler: just click on "Sign up" on the home page of the site or by clicking on "posting an offer", then on "Create an account". You will then have to fill in the fields allowing you to identify your company and the privileged interlocutors, then accept the CGU and the confidentiality policy, after having consulted them.

Once this step is validated, you will receive a confirmation email inviting you to validate your account; remember to check your spam!

By clicking on "posting an offer", you access a brief questionnaire to describe your offer.

Selling with online payment or requesting : selling with online payment also allows you to negotiate the price with the buyer

Listing title : Make sure you provide an accurate title for you product, but that is not too long like : LDPE pellets

Price : is the price for metric Ton

Category : type of recycled plastic

The product has to be shipped sometimes overseas, so make sure you include the shipping fees.

The shipping fees are basically calculated depending on the destination country of the buyer. So when you post an offer, you can indicate the approximate price for the shipping. This fee will then be updated when the buyer will have to proceed to payment.

Detailed description: If you want the transaction to be efficient, make sure to provide the properties of the plastic , we advise you to provide at least the information in your Data sheet : Density , MFI, Viscosity , ….. . This is the first information the buyer is looking for.

Min quantity : the buyer can order for at least a specific amount of quantity, please specify it


Picture : a quality picture is required

Data sheet : we recommend the buyer to upload the data sheet, it’s the most efficient way to get all the information about the product

Once the ad is posted, the MikaCycle team will validate your ad within 24 hours, then put it online!

Remember to go quickly on "Settings" tab of your account where you can complete: In "Profile info": the name of your company, its address, legal and contact information In "Payments": connect your Stripe Business account. This step is essential so that you can receive payments from customers. If you have not already done so, you must create and configure a free Stripe account for professionals here.

Payment :

To receive funds in your bank account, you will use Stripe payment service provider. This component enables to pay and receive funds.

Today, Stripe is available for seller in the following countries individuals:

Germany, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil , Bulgari, Canada, Cyprus, Denmark, Spain, Estonia, United States, Finland, France, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary , India, , Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Norway, New Zealand, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, United Kingdom, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland

If you sell from any of the countries listed above, you just need to set your bank account in the payment preferences.

Stripe is currently working on expanding to other countries. You can find out more about the new integration here :

However, if you are selling from a country not listed above, we can still receive payment, from Mikacycle. Please contact us using your account in the marketplace to set up the payment configuration.

Commission :

Every service within the platform is free, MikaCycle only takes a commission once the payment is complete. The commission is split between the buyer and the seller: 2.5 % each.

For processing the payment, the payment engine Stripe charges 2.9 % + 0.30 USD for US credit card. So a seller charging 20.000 USD, 19,419.70 USD.

For more information about the calculation of Stripe fees depending on payment method used or countries, check stripe website here :

Logistics :

MikaCycle does not manage the logistics For a buyer, as the logistics in this market are well established. Most of the time the seller provides the freight service for which the shipping fees are included in the final price. The buyer and seller can chat in a free way and discuss the shipping and tracking. In another way the seller provides support on the tracking of goods.

Of course, to secure the transaction, and make sure the buyer receives the products, the payment is released to the seller upon the validation of the shipping document by the MikaCycle team.

As a seller, you need to upload the shipping documents within 3 working days after the buyer has proceeded to the payment. After this deadline if no action is performed, the transaction is cancelled and the money is sent back to the buyer.

Transaction flow :

Every step involving a payment needs to be validated by the buyer and the seller. Once the seller accepts the payment within 2 days, money is transferred to an account held by Mikacycle and will be released to the beneficiary ( seller ) account, when the seller provides shipping documents : Bill of Lading, Invoice, Packing List, Policy insurance.

If the seller does not accept the payment within 2 days, the transaction is cancelled and the money is returned back to the buyer.

So as a seller, you will be informed, through your inbox, by the marketplace that shipping documents should be uploaded in order to confirm the shipping to the seller, and transfer money to your account.

For a buyer

Account creation

You can search for a product by location and type of plastic : PET, HDPE , ….. . Before using more services like chatting with the seller or making an offer , you have to register by clicking on “Sign up”.

After registration, you will receive an confirmation email to activate your account and start your activity on the marketplace.


You can view the product by location, or in grid/List. To filter your results you can choose the plastic form you need along with the type. The seller provides the properties and Data sheet of the product in the product description, but the chat feature with the seller is here to facilitate the communication and let you get the information you need as soon as possible.

You can choose to buy the product directly if the price is suitable for you, or negotiate with the seller using the chat feature and make an offer that he will accept or refuse.

The seller has 3 days to process the offer or the transaction, after this deadline if no action is performed by the seller, the transaction is cancelled.

Transaction flow

Through the transaction flow, we offer the buyer the possibility to suggest a price for a defined quantity and also make it possible For a buyer and seller to discuss any matters in real time.

What is more important For a buyer, is the payment concerns and how to make sure that he can trust the seller during the purchasing process. As a third party payment provider, we have embraced the procedure of import/ export to secure both parties interests.

As a buyer, when you proceed to checkout, the amount paid is not directly transferred to the seller account. The money is held by the marketplace upon verification of shipping documents.