MikaCycle terms of use

MikaCycle is a platform for connecting businesses dealing with all forms of recycled plastic.

These General Conditions of Use are applicable from Sep 3, 2020.

MikaCycle will offer services for connecting buyers and sellers of all forms of recycled plastic and will allow the buyer to test the products before purchasing products using MikaCycle payment facilities. The quality services are not included in the first beta version.

The Platform allows buyers to consult the Products offered for sale by Sellers for the purposes of ordering products online, paying the amount of their order online, and obtain their delivery according to the terms offered by the Seller.

The services of MikaCycle in the current version available are only services of connecting buyers and the sellers and paying through the marketplace: the Seller is responsible for the preparation, packaging and delivery of the Products, in accordance with its own general conditions of sale.

The creation of a Seller account is essential to publish your Product offers after MikaCycle validation. When a Customer selects your Products, you will receive a transaction authorization email.

Once you validate the Transaction, you agree directly with the buyer on the delivery terms.

As a buyer, you want to be sure that making a deal with the supplier is safe. That is why we advise you to not proceed with any payment outside of the platform.

All of the steps related to the process of purchasing and selling are described in the "How does Mikacycle work?" »,

If we suspect any suspicious behavior of a seller account, we will close the account directly and send and email notifying you about the decision.

Customer service Customer service

After the finalization of the transaction, both the buyer and seller will receive a “sale agreement” with terms of sales related to incoterms clauses.

In the event of any problem with the Order after the payment is released to the beneficiary account, the buyer is invited to contact the Seller directly, and find a solution based on the terms of the “Sale agreement”

In the event of an unresolved dispute, the MikaCycle team may contact the seller and the buyer in order to find a solution

Delivery / Shipping Delivery / Shipping

The buyer chooses the delivery method from the options offered by the Seller.

In order to organize delivery, the seller directly contacts the Customer, informing him of the delivery time. The seller ensures the proper follow-up of the delivery. To facilitate the communication, real time messaging is available in the marketplace

Force Majeure Force Majeure

Our responsibility could not be retained in case of force majeure as defined by the French jurisdiction.

Applicable law Applicable law

These General Conditions of Use are subject to the French law.
Any dispute not resolved amicably will fall under the jurisdiction of the Paris court, unless otherwise provided.