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  • MikaCycle is Recycled Plastic Marketplace focusing on quality and traceability
  • As an online platform, we are available worldwide.
  • Register on this page and you are all set up to start using the platform.
  • It is free.
  • The product cost is agreed between the two parties, buyer and seller. MikaCycle takes a commission of 5% upon payment transaction, which is split between the buyer and seller.
  • Likewise, both parties agree on the logistics costs during the transaction.
  • Once registered and logged in, you can:

    • Make a listing for recyclates, compounds or plastic waste feedstock for sale (once your business in verified by MikaCycle team) and offer samples
    • Place a request for recyclates, compounds or plastic waste feedstock for purchase (once your business in verified by MikaCycle team)
    • Search and scroll through all available offers and requests on the marketplace
    • Contact the sellers/buyers directly on the platform
    • Request products samples
    • Perform a payment transaction between sellers/buyers
  • Companies along the value chain of plastics in the business of buying or selling plastic waste, recyclates, compounds can join.
  • In order to ensure safe transactions between buyers and sellers, MikaCycle verifies each user of the platform before they can perform a trade.
  • If the seller is providing samples for their products, you will see an option to Order samples on the listing page under the Make an Offer button. Provide your shipping address and select shipping method. Then use a credit card to pay the shipping fees.

    The money you pay is sent to the seller only once you receive the samples and complete the transaction in the marketplace.

    When you receive the samples, you must go to the sample request you made ( in the inbox) and mark the transaction as completed. This step is mandatory for the seller to receive the shipping fees payment.

  • MikaCycle offers you more than just a platform to connect. You can use the platform to reach more potential buyers & sellers, communicate directly with them and trade safer via the marketplace. Our Premium members can also benefit from our product and pricing reports and take advantage of Premium member support and MikaCycle’ expertise in the circular economy of recycled plastics.

    The recyclates market is very dynamic. One seller may not repeatedly have the requested material in the sought after quantities. MikaCycle offers you the possibility to constantly find a supply or demand to cover your needs and expand your business opportunities globally.

    Finally, all products present on the marketplace have clear and transparent specifications that enable trust in the performed transactions.

  • You can trade a wide range of plastic waste (feedstocks), compounds and recycled plastics online. If you cannot find your requested material, you are able to place a request for the material you are looking for.
  • The order or sale is only valid once the parties agree on the specific conditions of each trade. These are negotiated directly between the buyer and the seller through MikaCycle chat. MikaCycle does not become a party to the actual transaction agreement. For all matters pertaining to the direct use of the platform, please refer to the general terms and conditions.
  • Yes, MikaCycle will receive the payment from the buyer and will forward it to the seller once the order is confirmed to be on the way.
  • You may contact our customer service team directly, by sending us an email to contact@mikacycle.com or by using our Contact Form