We believe in a circular economy where we better allocate resources so that we contribute to an increase in recycling.

Our consultancy develops a personalised program to fit your economic and marketing constraints into highly desirable and fully recycled products.

We provide hassle-free solutions like in-depth cooperation (according to your involvement expectation).

We assist you in purchasing the right recycled materials, in out-sourcing the right manufacturer, in partnering up to design the best items, in conceiving the strategy to increase your customers' loyalty, and measuring your impact.

Environmental Impact Amplifier

Your demand is driving the curve of plastic in landfills. Give your brand a new identity by measuring your new social and environmental impacts

Product Design

The Design team supports you, from the creation phase to the development and product manufacturing phase.

Materials Expertise

Our team of dedicated engineering, recycling polymer experts assist you in choosing the righ material for your products following your needs

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